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The Chair

Did you know that The Chair outside our store is 24' tall and weighs in at about 2 tons. Our Chair is made of Solid Douglas Fir. The Chair has been featured on several road-side attractions publications and websites.

The chair concept first came about in 1995 because our store building is set back from the busy Fraser Hwy and we needed something to get visibility. Our founder Martin Horner originally envisioned to build a ladder-back chair with classic look. Then the question of how big the chair should be had become our next quest! Martin started researching and even reached out to The Guinness World Records as his goal was to build the largest chair in the world! He wanted to beat the 53 feet high chair on which Abraham Lincoln sits at Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. So, it was to be 54 feet tall. We dare to mind you that the Internet was just a toddler back then and Google wasn’t even born, so doing a research truly meant doing lots of legwork and long distance calls!

And then one sunny morning Martin and his wife Colleen went to McDonalds across the street and while they sipped hot cups of coffee, they looked at the store and visualized 54 feet chair towering over the showroom building. “Man, it is a monstrosity overkill”, Colleen sighed. Martin agreed. The 30 feet was chopped off the height plan and they settled on 24 feet. Days later full engineering work and foundation design began. In a few weeks that followed locally-revered German craftsman Leo poured his heart and soul into building The Chair and his masterpiece was completed in April 1996. (Leo also built the timber frame gazebo inside our main showroom!)

All in all, the longest part of the entire journey was obtaining approval from the city, which took about 3 years!

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